Bulk Import of Members or Patrons

For some libraries, it is very important to import their Members / Patrons from a CSV file. Specially for large libraries having hundreds of members / patrons. While many libraries in Librarika can do the job manually by adding member one by one, it is definitely an added advantage to import in bulk.

New Improved Search System In Default Mode

Oct 10, 2015 Improvements
Over the time, we have received many complains as well as suggestions regarding the limitation of searching catalog in Default mode from our beloved Librarians and Patrons. We are really glad that our users are co-operating and supporting us with their ideas and beliefs. This is where the strength of the Librarika community lies.

Introducing Librarika Articles Section

Oct 10, 2015 Librarika

Welcome to Librarika Articles.

In this section, we would like to take the opportunity to better explain various features, improvements, tips, tutorials, facts etc with our great librarians, patrons, and the end users.

The goal of Librarika is very simple from the beginning, we want to make the simplest but effective Integrated Library System (ILS) that is easy to start with and enjoyable to manage your daily library activities.

With the above goal, we are trying to improve our system, make it better day by day and we need your co-operation and support in making this ILS platform better.