Amazon New Releases

Sep 18, 2022 Book reviews
Discover the hot new releases of Amazon Books at present, which are aiming to hit the bestseller lists. Come and deep dive into the world of books.

5 Novels That Should Add To Your Collections

Sep 17, 2022 Book reviews
Nothing pulls you further away from reality than a well-written book with characters who practically leap off the page, and nothing hooks you in like a twist in the tale. Here, we've gathered a collection of fast-moving, imaginative nonfiction works that will grab the reader and keep him or her interested from start to finish.

We claim to be anti-racist, yet we still make a difference

We all say we are not racist, but we still make a difference based on color, caste, religion, wealth, etc. And it starts in the early days of our lives. From the moment we are born until the end of our lives, we face racism. We teach our children to see all people equally, but we are the ones who differentiate among people. It is not sufficient to call oneself anti-racist at this age. Racism is the most crucial issue that needs to be rooted out. People should actively practice anti-racism, a collection of ideas and beliefs that combat racial prejudice and advocate for the integration and equity of black and brown people in society. We are living in a world full of plaster saints. We always see something unjust happening around us, but we always do the same thing: copy the post and paste it on our social media accounts. That was all we could do. Therefore, increase your knowledge of racism and anti-racism by adding these books to your reading list. You will be able to comprehend these topics after going through this excellent collection.

What Is The Definition of Beautiful?

Sep 16, 2022 Book reviews
Can someone exactly define the term "beautiful"? Is it meant to be fair-skinned, tall, and a skinny body? Is it meant to have a lot of wealth and lead an opulent life? When we ask people this question, they always say "NO." Your appearance does not define your beauty; it is about your soul. I mean, really! So, why do you prioritize those with fair skin, long stature, and a slim figure? Why do you organize events like Miss City, Miss Country, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss Teen, and Miss World and derogate other women? Not even this; in our daily life, we categorize people based on their physical appearance and wealth. And this started in the early days of our lives. Have you ever heard someone claim that a baby with dark skin is more lovely than one with fair skin? Have you ever seen a healthy kid playing a princess role in your school programs? Have you ever heard of a short and healthy girl winning a "Miss Something" crown? Just because your girl is black or brown, short or healthy, people in our society ask how can you get a suitable boy for her? And it is an austere issue, especially in third-world countries. These people advertise fairness cream, growth-raising products, and weight loss machines. But at the same time, they protest against these products, which are only available for a short period. And then everything goes back to......

10 Physics Books To Read

Sep 13, 2022 Book reviews
These 10 physics books will help you expand your perceptions beyond the universe and make you experience a revelation.