Lots of Improvements and Bug fixes throughout Librarika

Librarika ILS, being the most popular Free ILS system in the cloud, is committed to improving and excel each day. We have spent huge effort to solve lots of bugs that our esteemed users have reported to us over several months. We would like to take the opportunity to let you know that we hear our users voice and are devoted to improve this platform.


  • Ability to check-out an item copy directly from media detail page.
  • Ability to see the circulation logs of a specific item from media detail page.
  • Ability to do a quick search in circulation section.
  • Added field for item count of each category in categories section
  • Ability to browse catalog items for a specific category.
  • Ability to search categories when the list of categories is large.
  • Separated users and connected members section in users module so that it is now clearer.
  • Page load speed and performance improvements.

Bug fixes

  • Several issues with barcode scanners, now scanning through barcode are more effective than before.
  • Several issues with user permissions, renamed "Library User" role to "Library Staff" for better understanding.
  • Improved Smart Add, fixed several bugs with Smart Add feature.
  • Fixes for several confirmation dialog boxes with a more clear message.
  • Fixes on the discussion board for deleted users and broken links.
  • Many small fixes

Hope you will enjoy the Librarika ILS platform more than ever. Thanks for staying with us.