Librarika iPhone App

Another step forward in making Librarika ILS a more enjoyable Library Management Software.


  • Scan Barcodes Using Phone
  • Smart Add Books To Catalog
  • Upload Cover Photo Camera
  • Manage Members / Patrons
  • Access Circulations / Overdue Items
  • Check-in / Check-out Books
  • Switch Between Multiple Libraries
  • Upload Profile Photo


We are super excited to release the first MVP version of Librarika iPhone App to our librarians. For the last couple of months, we were extremely busy developing the iPhone app and the underlying API for mobile application development. The current version of iPhone app is focused mainly on Librarians & library officials providing some capabilities and acts as barcode Scanner Tool.

We believe our efforts will enhance the value of the Librarika Platform and bring more control and more flexibility to our customers.

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Please consider this as a fresh beta app, that means it will contain bugs and issues. If you feel anything or have any suggestions, please let us know at Contact us.