Librarika (the free Integrated Library System - ILS) comes with a free basic library package for small and medium libraries around the world. In addition to the basic package, we have premium packages for large libraries and organisations.


  • Basic - 10,000 titles or records - FREE
  • Silver - 20,000 titles or records - $39/month OR $449/year
  • Gold - 30,000 titles or records - $69/month OR $799/year
  • Platinum - 50,000 titles or records - $149/month OR $1750/year
  • Unlimited - Unlimited titles or records - $799/month OR $9500/year
We are still working on plans and soon there will be more detail plans to suit all kind of libraries.

E-Books Hosting

None of the plans mentioned above will provide free storage for E-Books. Storage for E-Books are handled differently and are subject to additional fee based on the space requirements.
For more detail about plans, please feel free to Contact Us.