Governing Guidelines

Jan 22, 2018 Librarika

Our my articles section enables our librarians to write their own tutorials, story, tips, how-to articles those are primary aimed to guide others in using the system. We believe users are best story teller and we would like to empower our users to be part of this platform.

While you can write on anything that you believe may help other users.

Please avoid followings:

  1. Please choose your language carefully, so that other people can easily understand you post
  2. Plase do not use copy righted contents in your article. Librarika will not take any responsibility in this case even though library moderate all your articles.
  3. Please don't use negative or hate words that might hurt others.

By submitting your article to Librarika, you grant an exclusive right to use your article for it's own purpose.

Good luck in writing...