Gross Domestic Product

Oct 22, 2023 Tutorial
GDP, or Gross Domestic Product, is a measure that quantifies the total value of all goods and services produced within a country's borders during a specific time period, typically a year. It serves as a key indicator of the economic activity and overall health of an economy. GDP takes into account the value of final goods and services produced by all sectors, including households, businesses, government entities, and foreign entities operating within the country. It provides a comprehensive snapshot of the size and growth rate of an economy, allowing for comparisons between different countries and over time.

Increase your tech knowledge by these 3 books

Learn about fundamental and new technologies from a fresh perspective. Here, we provide a list of some of the technology books for you to read.


Apr 15, 2022 How To, Tips, Tutorial

How do I write a review?

Mar 12, 2022 How To, Tips, Tutorial
Learn how to review a book.

How To Enable Member Auto Join Feature

Jun 20, 2016 How To, Librarika, Tutorial
Libraries are founded to share knowledge among the reader base, therefore they should be open for all in the society. Specially this is the case for most of the public libraries, where anyone can go and check-out books quite easily. So, why should there be an obstacle to join a Library.

Member Access Request As An Alternative to Member Invites

For last couple of months, we have received many requests from our librarians about an easier option to bring members / patrons on-board. Consider a library with hundreds of members, it was a sheer pain for our librarians to bring the member base into their online library and keep track of their invites.