Member Access Request As An Alternative to Member Invites

For the last couple of months, we have received many requests from our librarians about an easier option to bring members / patrons onboard. Consider a library with hundreds of members, it was a sheer pain for our librarians to bring the member base into their online library and keep track of their member invites.

In addition to that, our invitation emails are get blocked occasionally by corporate firewalls, making it even impossible for some patrons to create an account at Librarika and join their desired library. Though, we can't change the rules of corporate firewalls as it is completely out of our hand.

Librarika, as a growing Library Management Software (LMS), needs a better way to deal with this situation. Not only we need to change the invite-only registration process for our users but also, we can't let users in without verifying their email address.

So, we opened user registration to all. Now anyone with a valid email address can create a verified Librarika account. Once the account is verified, they can then submit Member Access Request to any library in the Librarika platform from one single place (from My Libraries section at main site).

Detail process is given below:

  • Member / Patron
    1. Register for a new account here at Sign Up.
    2. Receive verification email and verify the email address.
    3. Log into using a new account.
    4. Click on "Request Member Access" button at My Libraries section.
    5. Enter full URL of the library (Example URL: and submit the request.
    6. If "Member auto join" setting is enabled for the library, the member will be joined to the library instantly. Otherwise, a notification will be sent to the librarian for a review.
  • Librarian
    1. Go to Dashboard -> Members.
    2. Click on Member Requests button.
    3. Review the request and take appropriate action. Available options are Accept as Existing Member, Accept as New Member or Decline.
    4. Member will receive a follow-up email in all cases.

We believe this way our librarians can lift a huge burden off their shoulder and manage the onboarding member access process more efficiently. On the other hand, members / patrons can also create an account with whichever email address works on their end and use that account to join multiple libraries.

Thank you very much for your time, hope this information was helpful.


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