Bulk Import of Members or Patrons

For some libraries, it is very important to import their Members / Patrons from a CSV file. Especially for large libraries having hundreds of members / patrons. While many libraries in Librarika can do the job manually by adding member one by one, it is definitely an added advantage to import in bulk.

While this is a very critical feature for us to implement, because our Users are not limited to any specific library but Members are. Members are the private property of a library itself and is not shared with any other library. On the other hand, Users are global to Librarika platform and can join other libraries using the same Librarika user account.

Despite all odds, we implemented this feature and it is now possible to import members at once. Specific guideline on how to import members is available here at

So, once again, it's a win for our librarians.

Special thanks to the librarians who insisted us over and over to implement this important feature.