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We claim to be anti-racist, yet we still make a difference

We all say we are not racist, but we still make a difference based on color, caste, religion, wealth, etc. And it starts in the early days of our lives. From the moment we are born until the end of our lives, we face racism. We teach our children to see all people equally, but we are the ones who differentiate among people. It is not sufficient to call oneself anti-racist at this age. Racism is the most crucial issue that needs to be rooted out. People should actively practice anti-racism, a collection of ideas and beliefs that combat racial prejudice and advocate for the integration and equity of black and brown people in society. We are living in a world full of plaster saints. We always see something unjust happening around us, but we always do the same thing: copy the post and paste it on our social media accounts. That was all we could do. Therefore, increase your knowledge of racism and anti-racism by adding these books to your reading list. You will be able to comprehend these topics after going through this excellent collection.

Expand your book lists with these outstanding books

The top 10 books that people have so far hoped for in 2022 may not be as obvious as you may assume! Discover our wonderful new wishlist tool, which will streamline your book browsing, in the following paragraphs.

Rupi Kaur’s Meraki : Modernist Poetry Books

Canadian-born artist Rupi Kaur inspires creativity through her poetry. She is an avid social justice and feminist activist with a unique perspective on how to change the world for the better. Her writing rebuffs the typical poetic forms and conventions. Subjects and content of her writing however, have enduring appeal. Her poetry touches on themes including love, loss, trauma, feminism, toxic masculinity, violence, suffering, migration, and self-care. Even if you have not personally experienced particular thoughts or occurrences, the author is excellent at communicating what she and others feel.Her prose is woven with a delicate simplicity that enables the reader to handle sensitive themes with as much or as little intensity as they wish. Her remarks don't have any hidden meanings or complex concepts to comprehend. Instead, they are plain, direct, rich in significance, and perfectly suited to our everyday lives. It says what many of us have thought but never expressed. "Milk and Honey" and "The Sun and Her Flowers" are Kaur's first two poetry collections. They both depicted her youthful experiences. Rupi chronicles her story as a woman between 2018 and 2020 in her book, "Home Body." For her listeners, she is a guiding light. But her lyrical abilities are still not entirely under her grasp, despite her laconism. Because of its simplicity, some critics have even questioned whether her writing truly counts as poetry. We should indeed take her into consideration, if we are to evaluate modern poetry.

Inspirational Life of the Brontë Sisters

You can get an in-depth glimpse into the lives of the Bront sisters through this book ‘The Bronte Sisters’ who are still inspiring many women all around the world.

Ginger Up Your Mood With These Brand New August Releases

August's round of brand-new books may rank among the most eclectic ones of the entire year. If it is the last of the delicious summer leftovers, you can still enjoy it with the appropriate literature.