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Canadian-born artist Rupi Kaur inspires creativity through her poetry. She is an avid social justice and feminist activist with a unique perspective on how to change the world for the better. Her writing rebuffs the typical poetic forms and conventions. Subjects and content of her writing however, have enduring appeal. Her poetry touches on themes including love, loss, trauma, feminism, toxic masculinity, violence, suffering, migration, and self-care. Even if you have not personally experienced particular thoughts or occurrences, the author is excellent at communicating what she and others feel.Her prose is woven with a delicate simplicity that enables the reader to handle sensitive themes with as much or as little intensity as they wish. Her remarks don't have any hidden meanings or complex concepts to comprehend. Instead, they are plain, direct, rich in significance, and perfectly suited to our everyday lives. It says what many of us have thought but never expressed. "Milk and Honey" and "The Sun and Her Flowers" are Kaur's first two poetry collections. They both depicted her youthful experiences. Rupi chronicles her story as a woman between 2018 and 2020 in her book, "Home Body." For her listeners, she is a guiding light. But her lyrical abilities are still not entirely under her grasp, despite her laconism. Because of its simplicity, some critics have even questioned whether her writing truly counts as poetry. We should indeed take her into consideration, if we are to evaluate modern poetry.

Home Body

Book 1: Home Body

Author: Rupi Kaur, Category: Death, Grief & Loss Poetry, Family Poetry, Poetry by Women

An incredibly volatile piece of art with several dimensions, "Home Body" is split into four parts- heart, mind, rest, and awake. By focusing on these issues, the book addresses the reader's perception of detachment from their physical form.

Mind: Mind covers topics like rape, grief, self-loathing, pessimistic thinking, and mental health. It can serve as both a prison and a means of emancipation.

Heart: Heart highlights Relationships, family, and values. It deals with the struggles of relationships, the anguish of losing a loved one, and the conflict with hardship.

Rest: Rest places a strong emphasis on the necessity of halting to appreciate others as well as think outside work.

Awake: Awake is about expressing your voice and ripping down the impediments you've created for yourself.

In her book 'Home Body', Rupi Kaur, who continually welcomes evolution, takes readers on an introspective journey that stops to consider the past, present, and future possibilities of the self. She illustrates how tragedy leads to progress, maturation, and ultimately acknowledgment. Many Kaurs have faced or will face these internal conflicts. Rupi has the power to elicit a sense of belonging and empathy for our circumstances.
Readers will surely cherish compassion, respect, culture, family, and development by reading 'Home body', a collection of unfiltered, open conversations with oneself.

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Milk and Honey

Book 2: Milk and Honey

Author: Rupi Kaur, Category: American Poetry, Love Poems, Inspirational & Religious Poetry

In the book ''Milk & Honey,'' the author guides readers through some of the most challenging situations in life while still finding delight in them. The key themes of this book includes- overcoming trauma, falling in love, ending relationships, and loving oneself. Dealing with a new kind of agony and soothing a particular form of anguish, this book makes up of four chapters, and each one has a distinct function.

The Hurting: Brutally, it addresses sexual harassment and distress.

The Loving: It concerns the first time a person experiences true love and a committed relationship.

The Breaking: Breaking is emotions during each stage of the relationship's cessation and afterward.

The Healing: Urging the reader to keep going forward.

The book tells a rather complete narrative that is both captivating and touching. It celebrates all the excellent qualities of women while frequently being erotic, inspiring, moving, and terrifying. It ultimately discusses empowerment and challenges. Although it is designed for women, I think the lesson of self-love is relevant to both men and women. Overall, ‘'Milk and honey’' makes you appreciate your passion for reading since it helps you realize the impact that words may have. It oozes serenity, acceptance, and contentment.

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The Sun and Her Flowers

Book 3: The Sun and Her Flowers

Author: Rupi Kaur, Category: Family Poetry, Canadian Poetry, Love Poems

"The Sun and Her Flowers’’ is a bright and mystical journey about development and healing that is split into five chapters, including- wilting, falling, rooting, rising, and blooming.

Wilting: It refers to bereavement and broken hearts.

Falling: It focuses on the melancholy emotions that come along with the termination of a strong relationship.

Rooting: It tackles female infanticide, immigration, and constraints.

Rising: It is the first step in the path to recuperation. It deals with getting back up after being wounded on the ground.

Blooming: It is a description of the happiness the author now feels after learning to embrace and cherish her ancestry, herself, and the rest of the world.

In her book, Kaur intends to openly discuss all of those topics while sharing her horrific life memories. She wants to stand up for herself and show other people how crucial it is to develop self-love. She also addresses significant modern issues like feminism and infanticide.She deftly blends agony with personal wisdom in this book to create beautifully crafted poems that connect to the heart. She exquisitely captures emotions that most women have experienced at a certain stage of their lives. In her incredibly uplifting message, she speaks about her mother and the struggles she had to get to where she is now. It talks less of anguish and wrath and more of compassion, affection, and the tenacity of our ancestors, leaving home and becoming successful enough to find a niche for themselves. Thus, this poetry anthology is a quick read.

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This article is authored by: Sheuly Ahmed