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Oct 02, 2022 Book reviews

Hello, Librarika fam. Here we have come up with six new October releases on Amazon. Get your copy of these splendid books without a second thought.

Our Missing Hearts

Book 1: Our Missing Hearts: A Novel Hardcover – October 4, 2022

Author: Celeste Ng Category: Asian American Literature & Fiction, Literary Fiction, Family Life Fiction

When my descendants inquire about how I managed to survive through this period in history, which includes the pandemic, anti-Asian attacks, and already-formed equal-opportunity marches, I'll recommend this book to them. It symbolizes the difficulty of delivering light at one's own substantial expense, as well as contemplating situations that look unfixable.

This book portrays discrimination, familial breakdown, and aggression that are rooted in American culture. It also serves as a tribute to the booksellers who have been at the forefront of the anti-pact movement. Ng succeeds in building emotional depth and eliciting people's anxiety and fury, resulting in profound contemplation and gloomy foreshadowing.

This apocalyptic tale is a shock to the culture and a symbol of inspiration, with a disturbing concept and typically magnificent writing.

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The Passenger

Book 2: The Passenger Hardcover – Deckle Edge, October 25, 2022 

Author: Cormac McCarthy Category: Women's Adventure Fiction, Family Saga Fiction, Literary Fiction

McCarthy suffers a double blow after 16 years of characteristic solitude. The Passenger is a moving elegy about regret, grief, and affection. It's a happy reappearance from a genius who's been missing for a while, full of classic McCarthy attributes, including rebellious behavior and cascades of exuberant verbiage.

Set in 1980, New Orleans, this book is about an unambitious rescue worker who is afflicted by sadness, scared of the watery depths, tormented for a plan he cannot grasp, and yearning for an end he cannot link with Almighty. This intriguing plot is also entwined with Alicia Western's tale. The book's numerous joys will end up readers yearning for the concluding volume.

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Signal Fires

Book 3: Signal Fires: A novel Hardcover – October 18, 2022

Author: Dani Shapiro Category: Psychological Fiction, Family Life Fiction, Literary Fiction

A fantastic upcoming epic has been produced by "Signal Fire." This book is a glittering portal into our parallel universe that has been so painstakingly and brilliantly built. It acts as a guide for how to dwell in the past, present, and future.

This sparkling exploration of grief and embrace, deception and dependability, desertion and companionship, eventually glows with deep truths. The author knits together occurrences from their experiences across centuries like an intricate origami puzzle, concentrating on certain pauses to reveal old mysteries or conceal existing ones. She feels that all of the protagonists' destinies may have ended drastically.

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The Mountain in the Sea

Book 4: The Mountain in the Sea: A Novel Hardcover – October 4, 2022

Author: Ray Nayler Category: Technothrillers, Space Marine Science Fiction, Literary Fiction

Ray Nayler's "The Mountain in the Sea" is a stunning book debut and an eye-opening plunge into the treasures and devastation of humanity's inheritance.

Nayler has agreed to take on the challenge of a less secure tomorrow than ever before, one that shines not only with computer terminals and patrol drones but also with polished coral and octopus eyeballs. It is extraterrestrial sci-fi and a deep modern version of the expedition, with the finest antagonist. It unifies the entire story without obscuring the more important concerns of awareness, environmental collapse, and scientific advancement. Finally, the immensity and possibilities of this narrative's concept cause emotions to spill out.

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Demon Copperhead

Book 5: Demon Copperhead: A Novel Hardcover – October 18, 2022

Author: Barbara Kingsolver Category: Small Town & Rural Fiction, Coming of Age Fiction, Literary Fiction

"Demon Copperhead" takes place in the Southern Appalachians. The protagonist is a young boy with few advantages besides his late father's good looks, copper-colored hair, incisive wit, and extraordinary capacity for survival.

He had few assets and was the only child of a single mother. He endured the contemporary woes of foster care, indentured servitude, collapsing institutions, athletic prowess, drugs, heartrending relationships, and devastating tragedies in a story told ceaselessly in his own brutal voice. He battled throughout with his own insignificance in a culture where, for the sake of the metropolis, heroes had forgotten about the inhabitants of the rural area.

Overall, this book is a metaphor for a brand-new era of lost youths, as well as all those raised in magnificent, doomed locations that they cannot bear the idea of abandoning forever.

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Mad Honey

Book 6: Mad Honey: A Novel Hardcover – October 4, 2022

Author: Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Finney Boylan Category: Family Saga Fiction, Women's Domestic Life Fiction, Literary Fiction

"Mad Honey" is an intriguing book, a memorable passion saga, and a compelling and profound study of the mysteries we conceal as well as the struggle we go through to become who we are.

Olivia McAfee knows how difficult it is to begin from nothing. She raises their adorable son, Asher, with her husband in their lovely Boston home. But when her husband presents a grim reality, everything falls apart. She had little idea that she would end up in New Hampshire, where Lily Campanello moves in with her mother.

Olivia and Lily are in need of those fresh starts right now. Asher is smitten with Lily, which makes her want to develop feelings for him. She has never been happier than she is right now with Ash. Even so, she isn't sure if she can put all her faith in him.

Eventually, Olivia receives a call informing her that Lily has passed away. And the police are questioning Asher as well. She discovers that he has been keeping more secrets from her as the evidence against him mounts.

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