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Best Books For 8th Graders

Oct 04, 2023 Book reviews, Teens book
Discover a world of captivating literature tailored for 8th graders! Dive into thrilling mysteries and exhilarating adventures that ignite the imagination and cultivate a deep passion for reading. These books not only entertain but also inspire young minds, encouraging a lifelong love for the written word. Embark on literary journeys filled with excitement, suspense, and endless possibilities, making reading an enriching and enjoyable experience for every 8th grader.

We claim to be anti-racist, yet we still make a difference

We all say we are not racist, but we still make a difference based on color, caste, religion, wealth, etc. And it starts in the early days of our lives. From the moment we are born until the end of our lives, we face racism. We teach our children to see all people equally, but we are the ones who differentiate among people. It is not sufficient to call oneself anti-racist at this age. Racism is the most crucial issue that needs to be rooted out. People should actively practice anti-racism, a collection of ideas and beliefs that combat racial prejudice and advocate for the integration and equity of black and brown people in society. We are living in a world full of plaster saints. We always see something unjust happening around us, but we always do the same thing: copy the post and paste it on our social media accounts. That was all we could do. Therefore, increase your knowledge of racism and anti-racism by adding these books to your reading list. You will be able to comprehend these topics after going through this excellent collection.

We Have Not Liberated Yet

Sep 07, 2022 Book reviews, Teens book
Yes, you have read that right. We haven’t emancipated yet. We haven’t got our freedom of speech or freedom of will. We are still facing the bondage of patriarchy. You might be wondering why after reading this article. Because now-a-days women have got so many facilities. Yes, I am not denying the fact that they have got so many opportunities. But what about the women in third-world countries? What about the women living in remote areas? People always tell them, "What would you do alone? What will you gain by studying? Why don't you marry and become a maid in their family? You won't be able to do it on your own; you'll need a man. There are so many questions when a girl wants to do something. Our world has been modernized for a particular part. Even though some parts of the third world have been modernized, it is only by their culture and not by their minds. Their minds and souls still need to be modernized because they misinterpret the term "modernization." They think using technical devices and copying the western style is called modernization. But they don't know the actual meaning of it. They call themselves not prejudiced and their thoughts have changed, but they still loathe black skin. They still make distinctions based on wealth, gender, color, ethnicity, caste, culture, and religion. They still take dowry in the name of “gifts”. They still tell their daughter to keep quiet if anything happens to them because they are girls. They teach their daughter to be liberated but suggest they should be meek while they are getting married. They want their daughter to complete her studies only to get married to an elite-class family. If their daughter says, against their will, they will say it's the result of, in their term "over education" that now your daughter refuses to listen to you. There are still so many things to rectify. Women's empowerment doesn't only mean the freedom of clothes; women's empowerment doesn’t mean getting a position on the political platform. It is all about their souls and minds that need peace and not being forced to do anything against their will.

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