We Have Not Liberated Yet

Sep 07, 2022 Book reviews, Teens book

Yes, you have read that right. We haven’t emancipated yet. We haven’t got our freedom of speech or freedom of will. We are still facing the bondage of patriarchy. You might be wondering why after reading this article. Because now-a-days women have got so many facilities. Yes, I am not denying the fact that they have got so many opportunities. But what about the women in third-world countries? What about the women living in remote areas? People always tell them, "What would you do alone? What will you gain by studying? Why don't you marry and become a maid in their family? You won't be able to do it on your own; you'll need a man. There are so many questions when a girl wants to do something. Our world has been modernized for a particular part. Even though some parts of the third world have been modernized, it is only by their culture and not by their minds. Their minds and souls still need to be modernized because they misinterpret the term "modernization." They think using technical devices and copying the western style is called modernization. But they don't know the actual meaning of it. They call themselves not prejudiced and their thoughts have changed, but they still loathe black skin. They still make distinctions based on wealth, gender, color, ethnicity, caste, culture, and religion. They still take dowry in the name of “gifts”. They still tell their daughter to keep quiet if anything happens to them because they are girls. They teach their daughter to be liberated but suggest they should be meek while they are getting married. They want their daughter to complete her studies only to get married to an elite-class family. If their daughter says, against their will, they will say it's the result of, in their term "over education" that now your daughter refuses to listen to you. There are still so many things to rectify. Women's empowerment doesn't only mean the freedom of clothes; women's empowerment doesn’t mean getting a position on the political platform. It is all about their souls and minds that need peace and not being forced to do anything against their will.

People should be the voice of those who have been exploited for decades in the name of tradition and culture, which are created by the "so-called human society". Women should convey their opinions as well as emotions fearlessly that are being buried by the modernized world. They should gather the courage to speak against the unjust and do what their soul wants. They need to comprehend the fact that they are not selfish if they are thinking of something for themselves. It's completely OK to spend quality time in solitude. It's completely OK if they are being rude during their menstrual period, pregnancy, or postpartum period. Because they are human too. They do have dreams and aspirations. They are not being created to serve only their family members or give birth to children. They should practise self-love for their happiness.

Therefore, we have compiled books that will somehow inspire these women to grow and know the value of self-compassion. These books will motivate them and make them powerful and valiant enough to fight for their rights.

Year of Yes

Book 1: Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person Hardcover – November 10, 2015

Author: Shonda Rhimes Category: Television Performer Biographies, Actor & Entertainer Biographies, Women's Biographies

This self-help book is transparent and addictively readable. It presents visions for living a more fulfilling life via personal anecdotal stories from a lady seeking to improve her lifestyle. It explains how Shonda Rhimes, an atypical introvert, rose to the epicness befitting a Shondaland figure. And how might you do the same? In this book, she explains that a simple statement from her sister inspired her to embark on her year of yes. She thinks it seems to empower her to say yes to something that worries her. It completely transforms her life, her perspective, and her way of being. Shonda doesn't pull back when it comes to expressing herself. She talks about her great family and friends and how they supported her to get to the position where she could say yes. She points out that sometimes our actions imply yes to things we should actually say no to. She reinforces our concerns, anguish, and ambiguity, as well as our propensity as women to think only in terms of what is expected of us. Her susceptibility, self-deprecation, and adventure would therefore inspire you to say "YES" to your existence.

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Self-Empowerment for Women

Book 2: Self-Empowerment for Women: Supercharged Self-Worth Secrets & Insider Mind Hacks to Crush Depression & Anxiety (Spiritual Growth & Self-Awareness For Women - 2 in 1 Collection) Paperback – March 9, 2021 

Author: Angela Grace Category: Spiritual Self-Help, Personal Transformation Self-Help, Religion & Spirituality

Are you stuck in self-created emotional anguish? Do you have to fight against your negative thinking habits that are constantly threatening to demolish your life? Are you eager to finally bid farewell to the feeling of being worthless? In that case, you didn't come across these words by accident. Growing spiritually and becoming self-empowered at a rapid pace doesn't have to be difficult. It's simpler and more effective. Personal development gears you up for a celestial voyage that will allow you to recapture your power and rely solely on your own opinions.

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Book 3: Becoming Hardcover – November 13, 2018

Author: Michelle Obama Category: Lawyer & Judge Biographies, U.S. State & Local History, Black & African American Biographies

This book will help you grow and lead you on an unforgettable journey with the author. One of the most renowned and captivating women of this era is Michelle Obama. A lady with enormous depth and heart, symbolizing a continually lived humanity and compassion for the poorest among us. Her story reads at times like a love ode to her husband, parents, and others who have only ever provided her with perfunctory or minimal aid. Her life is full of purpose and success, and that certainly inspires many women nowadays. She opens up her introspective life in front of the audience. She recounts her life experiences, from her origins on Chicago's South Side to her years as an executive juggling parenthood and career, to her days spent at the world's most renowned residence. She forces us to be glued to the pages as she carries us from her childhood to high school and then to college, a path riddled with struggles and uncertainties. She recalls her glories and defeats, both internal and external, with unwavering sincerity and vivid brilliance. Overall, it is an exceptionally poignant portrait of a woman of spirit and purpose who has consistently surpassed boundaries. This tale motivates us to follow in her footsteps.

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Book 4: Untamed Kindle Edition

Author: Glennon Doyle Category: Christian Self Help, Women's Biographies, Happiness Self-Help

This book oozes an abundance of optimism. It encourages women to go against the existing system and pursue their passions. It is jam-packed with fascinating insights about what it means to be a woman nowadays. The author encourages women to emancipate themselves from mental slavery and discover their true selves. She tells us that every woman possesses a wistful soul. In all of their lives, they put forth tremendous effort to be decent spouses, daughters, moms, employers, and friends. They hope that their attempts will leave them feeling vibrant. Instead, it makes them exhausted, stymied, overburdened, and uninspired. They want their lives to be wonderful. They suppress their happiness and encourage themselves to be grateful while hiding their disaffection. This book teaches us to be fearless. It depicts the realization of a woman who discovers that being a responsible woman doesn't mean sacrificing for her children; rather it means teaching their children to enjoy their life to the fullest. It's a narrative about surviving separation, forming a new dysfunctional family, and discovering that the fragility or completeness of a family is determined not by its form, but by every member's potential to bring her true power to the room. And it's the story of how every woman could begin to trust themselves enough to establish limits, accept their identities, express their wrath and anguish, and unleash their innermost, strangest urges so that they could feel proud of themselves.

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Self-Love Workbook for Women

Book 5: Self-Love Workbook for Women: Release Self-Doubt, Build Self-Compassion, and Embrace Who You Are (Self-Help Workbooks for Women)

Author: Megan Logan MSW LCSW Category: Codependency, Popular Applied Psychology, Self-Help for Eating Disorders & Body Image Issues

In addition to outlining the importance of self-love, book guide you through a straightforward, step-by-step process with helpful exercises and assessment tools. This book is for women of all ages to learn how much there is to love about themselves. After learning what self-love is, you'll dive into exercises that will help you boost your self-worth and strengthen your relationships as you start your path toward self-discovery. It uses a range of self-compassion exercises based on mindfulness and positive psychology to fall in love with yourself. It also encourages self-exploration that will connect with your feelings and go beyond your boundaries. There are many inspiring affirmations woven throughout the book to increase your positivity. Go ahead and start reading this book. It addresses every difficulty women encounter. It's more akin to combining all self-help books with a gratis therapist.

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Daring Greatly

Book 6: Daring Greatly: How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead

Author: Brené Brown Category: Self-Esteem, Business Motivation & Self-Improvement, Motivational Management & Leadership

The central concept of this book is to become your true self. It helps you grow stronger by embracing your susceptibility and conceding your foresight. It’s all about being brave enough to face uncertainties and risks. In our lives, if we look behind, we will find nothing as unsettling, harmful, and hurtful. If we have the audacity to come out of our cocoons, we can overcome our fidgetiness. Therefore, in this modern world, where people are detached from one another but all share a prevalent hunch, which is the trepidation of defeat and worthiness. The author sheds light on these hidden corners of human emotion and shows how these feelings can sap happiness. She also shows how they could be altered to encourage us to live more daring, energetic, and fulfilling lives. The arguments that she makes in this book are supported by case study examples, data gathered from 20 years of research, and other evidence. This book could be the affirmation you've been looking for if you've ever felt solitude because of a failure phobia or a sense of not being adequate. It aids in the eradication of imposter syndrome by replacing fear and insecurity with bravery, self-assurance, and passion.

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A Woman's Self-Love

Book 7: A Woman's Self-Love: Self-Love and Self-Compassion for Women; 5 Easy Steps to Transform Your Life by Cultivating Self-Compassion and Overcoming Self-Criticism Paperback – August 18, 2022

Author: Victoria Burshtein Category: Popular Psychology Counseling, Popular Applied Psychology, Popular Psychology Personality Study

This book is an excellent starting point for anyone seeking to understand themselves and self-love. Here the author talks about the significance of self-compassion. She warns the readers of the dangers of self-criticism and encourages self-reflection. She makes us comprehend how to view ourselves with compassion. She does an excellent job by demystifying the differences between destructive and constructive criticism, self-criticism vs. self-reflection, and offering us the effects of self-compassion. Self-love can be daunting. The most challenging obstacle on the path to loving ourselves is self-criticism. Feelings of low self may be destructive if unchecked, contributing to depression and anxiety, lowering self-esteem, and increasing tension, guilt, and shame. Therefore, using "A Woman's Self-Love" principles can help you develop pleasure, self-worth, creativity, endurance, and much more. According to research, cultivating self-love has a significant impact on one's lifespan. Even if you are currently struggling with your innermost desires, you can live a pleasant, fulfilling life. It will enthrall you with each chapter as it applies to any woman out there. We frequently set our objectives and goals so high that we set ourselves up for disappointment. Therefore, we should allow ourselves to be more pragmatic, which is where self-love originates.

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