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Feb 04, 2023 Book reviews

For your young child to enjoy during the upcoming Halloween breaks, we have put together a list of books inspired by the holiday as it draws closer.

Construction Site Gets a Fright!

Book 1: Construction Site Gets a Fright!: A Halloween Lift-the-Flap Book Board book – Lift the flap, August 30, 2022

Author: Sherri Duskey Rinker, AG Ford (Illustrator) Category: Children's Cars & Trucks Books, Poetry for Early Learning, Children's Halloween Books

It's the perfect way to introduce young kids to Halloween's spooky fun while also instilling in them the reassuring notion that nothing is ever as frightening as it seems.

Sherri Duskey Rinker's riotous, rhyming narrative creates an interactive Halloween tale that will enthrall young readers and their families with the aid of comforting illustrations by AG Ford.

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How to Catch a Witch

Book 2: How to Catch a Witch Hardcover – Picture Book, August 2, 2022 

Author: Alice Walstead, Megan Joyce (Illustrator) Category: Children's Spine-Chilling Horror, Children's Fantasy & Magic Books, Children's Halloween Books

A feast that will excite young readers and teachers, "How to Catch a Witch" combines the usual mayhem and humor with steampunk themes. It is the perfect gift for Halloween.

Trick-or-treating in a world full of ghosts, goblins, and ghouls is what The Catch Club Kids do! When our heroes investigate, they find that a witch on a broom has opened a secret passage, unleashing dreadful monsters into the neighborhood. As they construct hilarious traps for the witch to set off, they close the gateway and save Halloween before the candy runs out. Follow along in this incredibly entertaining story.

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Groggle's Monster Halloween

Book 3: Groggle's Monster Halloween Hardcover – Picture Book, August 2, 2022

Author: Diana Murray, Bats Langley (Illustrator) Category: Children's Spine-Chilling Horror, Children's Halloween Books, Children's Fantasy & Magic Books

On Halloween, Groggle and Snarlina dress up and knock on the doors of their unsettling neighbors to beg for candy so they can fill their pails with delicious sweets. They are on their way to see the ogre, witch, mummy, and werewolf after Groggle skillfully fixes a minor wardrobe issue.

Groggle, however, is unable to control his monster appetite no matter where they go.

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Weird But True Halloween

Book 4: Weird But True Halloween: 300 Spooky Facts to Scare You Silly Paperback – Illustrated, September 8, 2020

Author: Julie Beer, Michelle Harris Category: Holidays, Children's Mystery & Wonders Books, Children's Halloween Books (Books)

In the wildly successful Weird But True! line, 300 brand-new spooky facts about candy, costumes, pumpkin carving, and more are included in the wildly successful Weird But True! line. Gather together, boys and ghosts! A buffet of bizarre statistics, nuggets, and information about one of the most celebrated festivals awaits you! Did you know that there is an underwater pumpkin carving competition? Or the fact that the American Defense Department has a zombie apocalypse strategy? You might be surprised to learn that there are more Halloween emojis than there are states in the United States. Everything is weird and true in this updated edition, which is crammed with hilarious and spooky Halloween facts.

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A Halloween Scare at My House

Book 5: A Halloween Scare at My House: A Trick-or-Treat Tale for Kids and Toddlers Hardcover – Picture Book, August 1, 2021

Author: Eric James, Marina Le Ray (Illustrator) Category: Children's Books on the U.S., Children's Halloween Books, Children's Humor

The goblins are assembling for a hairy, snouted feast this Halloween. Some of them are even positioned right in front of the entrance! Who, however, among all creatures, is the most terrifying? It might be necessary to interrogate the monsters directly.

Children and adults will enjoy reading this cheery, holiday-themed book together because it is full of gorgeous poems and vivid illustrations.

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