Best Pirate Books for Kids

Looking for exciting books to capture your child's imagination and encourage their love for reading? We've gathered a list of wonderful pirate-themed books that will take your little ones on thrilling adventures. These stories are not only fun but also teach valuable lessons about bravery, friendship, and doing the right thing.

So, get ready to set sail with your child on a journey filled with hidden treasures, daring pirates, and exciting escapades. These Pirate Books for Kids are sure to make reading an enjoyable and enriching experience for your young readers.

Pirate Stew

Book 1: Pirate Stew Hardcover – Picture Book, December 1, 2020

Author: Neil Gaiman, Chris Riddell (Illustrator) Category: Children's Boats & Ships, Children's Siblings, Children's Action & Adventure

Pirate Stew is a fun and exciting picture book written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by Chris Riddell. It tells the story of Long John McRon, who becomes a special babysitter for a boy and his sister. They have an amazing adventure with pirates, flying ships, and magical stew! The book has funny rhymes that make reading it enjoyable for kids and grown-ups. The colorful pictures by Chris Riddell bring the story to life and make it even more wonderful. Pirate Stew celebrates imagination, friendship, and the joy of being a child. It's a great book for kids and families to read together and have a good time. So, join Long John McRon and his crew for an exciting journey full of laughter and pirate fun!

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How I Became a Pirate

Book 2: How I Became a Pirate Hardcover – Picture Book, September 1, 2003 

Author: Melinda Long, David Shannon (Illustrator) Category: Children's Action & Adventure

This picture book written by Melinda Long and illustrated by David Shannon. It's a famous book loved by many!

In the story, a boy named Jeremy Jacob joins a pirate crew on their exciting adventure. They search for buried treasure, sing sea songs, and use pirate talk. Jeremy has the best time of his life!

The pictures in the book, drawn by David Shannon, are amazing! They make the story even more exciting and real.

While being a pirate is a lot of fun, Jeremy learns that pirates don't do some important things. The book teaches us good lessons in a funny way.

This book is perfect for 3 - 6 years kids and families to read together. It will make you laugh and dream about being a pirate too! Don't miss the chance to go on this thrilling pirate journey!

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Ten Little Pirates

Book 3: Ten Little Pirates

Author: Mike Brownlow Category: Children's Action & Adventure

Ten Little Pirates by Mike Brownlow is a super fun counting book made for your 2 - 6 years little kids. It's sturdy and easy to hold.

The story is about ten pirates going on a big adventure at sea. They meet a singing mermaid, a strong hurricane, and a hungry shark! Kids will enjoy counting from ten to one and back as the pirates disappear and come back.

The book has cool rhymes and sounds that make reading exciting. The colorful illustrations show the pirates' journey in a lively way. Kids can also find and count things on each page.

This book is part of a famous series loved by children all over the world. It's a fantastic addition to any kid's book collection. It's not only fun but also helps kids learn to count. Join these cute pirates on their exciting trip and have a great time with the book!

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Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map

Book 4: Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map Paperback – Sticker Book, March 7, 2017

Author: James Dean, Kimberly Dean Category: Children's Cat, Children's Interactive Adventures, Children's Action & Adventure

Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map is a fantastic book written and illustrated by James Dean, a famous author, and artist. This exciting sea adventure stars Captain Pete and his crew, who find a treasure map. They get super excited and decide to sail the seas to find the buried gold and jewels. How cool is that?

But guess what? On their journey, they encounter a surprise – a huge sea monster! Uh-oh!

The book is packed with over 30 fun stickers, making it even more enjoyable. Kids will have a blast joining Pete the Cat on this epic quest for treasure.

With its easy-to-read words and captivating illustrations, this pirate book is best for 3 to 6 year old readers. It's a thrilling tale that sparks the imagination and makes reading a lot of fun.

If your kids love adventures, stickers, and a cool cat like Pete, you'll absolutely love "Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map." Get ready to set sail and have a blast with this awesome book!

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Goodnight Pirate

Book 5: Goodnight Pirate: A Bedtime Baby Sleep Book for Fans of Buried Treasure! (Goodnight Series) Paperback – Picture Book, March 1, 2015

Author: Michelle Robinson, Nick East (Illustrator) Category: Children's Sleep Issues, Children's Fantasy & Magic, Children's Action & Adventure

A Bedtime Baby Sleep Book for Fans of Buried Treasure is a super sweet and gentle picture book written by Michelle Robinson and illustrated by Nick East. It's perfect for 2 - 4 years kids who love high-seas adventures.


In the story, a fun day of play at sea turns into a quiet and cozy bedtime. Kids will say "night night" to all sorts of pirate things, like parrots, spyglasses, and the crow's nest. It's a lovely way to settle in for rest and have warm bedtime memories.

The book is filled with beautiful illustrations by Nick East, making the pirate world come alive. Little ones who love boats, treasure hunting, and adventures will adore this bedtime book.

So, if your child is a big boat fan or a treasure hunter at heart, "Goodnight Pirate" is the perfect book to sail off into dreamland with. Get ready for a soothing and delightful bedtime story that will make bedtime an enjoyable adventure every night.

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The Pirates Next Door

Book 6: The Pirates Next Door Hardcover – Picture Book, February 28, 2012

Author: Jonny Duddle Category: Children's New Experiences, Children's Friendship, Children's Action & Adventure

The Pirates Next Door by Jonny Duddle is a fun and exciting picture book that tells the story of the Jolley-Rogers, a pirate family who moves to a quiet seaside town called Dull-on-Sea to fix their ship.

At first, the townspeople are surprised and gossip about the unusual family living next door. But Matilda, a brave young girl, decides to be friends with the pirate boy, Jim Lad, despite what the grown-ups say.

When the Jolley-Rogers leave to go back to sea, everyone realizes they were wrong to judge the pirates. The town discovers that the pirates left buried treasure in everyone's yards! The neighbors are thrilled with the surprise, but Matilda is sad to say goodbye to her new friend.

However, Matilda soon finds her own treasure – a pen pal! This heartwarming story teaches us not to judge others based on appearances and to look for the hidden treasures in unexpected places. Kids will love the adventures of the Jolley-Rogers and the valuable lesson about friendship in this charming picture book.

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Pirate's Perfect Pet

Book 7: Pirate's Perfect Pet Hardcover – Picture Book, August 2, 2016

Author: Beth Ferry, Matt Myers (Illustrator) Category: Children's Pet, Children's Friendship, Children's Action & Adventure

Pirate's Perfect Pet is a super fun and pun-filled picture book by Beth Ferry, with fantastic illustrations by Matt Myers. The story follows Captain Crave, a brave and kind-hearted pirate who is on a quest to find the perfect pet to join his crew.

Captain Crave already has a pirate ship, an eye patch, and lots of courage, but he's missing one thing – a pet! So, he and his crew set off on a wild and hilarious adventure to find the best animal sidekick.

They search everywhere, from the beach to a farm, from the zoo to a pet shop, causing funny chaos along the way. Just when they start to lose hope, they discover the most perfectly perfect pet for Captain Crave!

The book is full of playful puns and lively illustrations that make reading enjoyable for 4-8 years kids and grown-ups alike. This book is a wonderful story about friendship and finding the perfect match, and it will surely become a favorite on your bookshelf!

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There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Map

Book 8: There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Map! (There Was an Old Lad) Hardcover – Picture Book, March 27, 2018

Author: Lucille Colandro, Jared Lee (Illustrator) Category: Children's Boats & Ships, Children's Humor, Children's Action & Adventure

There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Map!" is an awesome picture book by Lucille Colandro, with cool illustrations by Jared Lee. The story is about an old pirate who does something funny – she swallows a map!

But wait, it wasn't a trap! This old pirate is on a wild adventure, swallowing more and more things she finds on her journey across the seas. She gobbles up a rope, a sword, a spyglass, an anchor, a flag, and even a treasure! Why would she do that? Well, it was a pleasure for her to swallow all those things!

The old lady we all know and love becomes an old pirate, and she takes us on a hilarious adventure full of laughs and fun facts. It's a light and funny way to learn about life on the open seas.

With fun extras like facts about ships and a search-and-find game, "There Was an Old Pirate Who Swallowed a Map!" is a must-read for young adventurers! Get ready to set sail and have a blast with this awesome pirate tale!

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Pirates Don't Change Diapers

Book 9: Pirates Don't Change Diapers Hardcover – Picture Book, March 1, 2007

Author: Melinda Long, David Shannon (Illustrator) Category: Boys' & Men's Issues, Children's Siblings, Children's Action & Adventure

This book is a super funny and exciting picture book written by Melinda Long and illustrated by David Shannon. The story is about Jeremy Jacob, a boy who has a pirate crew show up at his house unexpectedly. But oh no, they accidentally wake up his baby sister, and she starts crying loudly!

The pirates can't dig up their buried treasure until baby Bonney Anne stops crying. So, they have to become babysitters, which is quite a surprise for these tough pirates!

This hilarious book shows us that taking care of a baby can be scarier than being a pirate on the high seas. It's a wonderful companion to "How I Became a Pirate."

With its easy-to-read words and fantastic illustrations, It will have kids laughing and enjoying every page. It's a great story about how unexpected adventures can happen anywhere, even at home.

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Port Side Pirates

Book 10: Port Side Pirates! (Barefoot Books Singalongs) Paperback – Picture Book, March 7, 2022

Author: Oscar Seaworthy, Debbie Harter (Illustrator), Mark Collins (Narrator) Category: Early Learning, Stories in Verse, Children's Action & Adventure

Port Side Pirates is an exciting picture book that takes young readers on a fun and musical adventure with a group of buccaneers on their galleon. Written by Oscar Seaworthy and beautifully illustrated by Debbie Harter, this book is a joy to sing and dance along with.

Kids will love joining the pirates as they sing catchy songs and make a splash on their pirate ship. The vibrant and colorful artwork brings the story to life and makes reading a delightful experience.

But that's not all – the book also includes fun facts about real-life pirates from history and a helpful chart naming the parts of a ship. It's a great way for children to learn while having fun.

And the best part? This book comes with digital access to lively audio and animation, making the adventure even more interactive and enjoyable.

With its catchy songs, beautiful illustrations, and educational content, Port Side Pirates is a treasure for young readers and a perfect addition to any bookshelf. Get ready to set sail and sing along with these swashbuckling pirates!

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Pirate books for kids offer exciting adventures and important lessons. For little ones, there are pirate books for toddlers with colorful pictures and simple stories. Kindergarten kids can enjoy thrilling tales of buried treasures and daring rescues in pirate books for them. Older kids, like 4th graders, can embark on epic voyages with clever pirates and action-packed stories.

For 6th graders, there are captivating tales of high-sea exploits and moral dilemmas. Remember to choose safe websites for these books and support real authors. Happy reading, mateys! Enjoy the thrilling world of pirates with these amazing books!


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