Add These 8 Great Beach Reads To Your Summer 2022 Reading List

So let this hand-picked list of the year's top beach reading in 2022 do the legwork for you. If you feel like devour-in-an-afternoon romance, here are eight books from the summer edition that you can bring with you as many of us visit beaches and pools to cool off from the hot spell.

The Summer of Broken Rules

Book 1: The Summer of Broken Rules

Author: K. L. Walther, Category: Teen & Young Adult Fiction on Girls' & Women's Issues, Teen & Young Adult Fiction on Dating & Sex, Teen & Young Adult Family Fiction

The music of Taylor Swift served as the basis for this romantic novel! This bookTok phenomenon will be especially appealing to readers of Jenny Han's ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ and Sarah Dessen's ‘Along for the Ride.’

Meredith used to spend the summers on Martha's Vineyard. But this is the first summer since her sister passed away. However, it will be overwhelming as the entire extended family is brought back by a summer wedding, who are lamenting the loss of their daughter. Despite her internal emotional turmoil, Meredith managed to maintain her smile while dealing with the death of her sister. Simply put, she is tough, bright, sweet, and witty, and the ideal guy she meets when she isn’t looking for love in her life blends everything. Wonderfully empathetic at times, Meredith makes a great lead character. Whereas Wit is the most exquisite thing ever. He is altogether entertaining, and you will adore how he encourages Meredith to step outside of her comfort zone. Even though their relationship truly developed over a week, it felt incredibly natural. This book is stirring, sweet in a bittersweet way, factual, and convivial! You will find that your emotions are felt everywhere! I believe that a large portion of this basically sums up being a teenager wonderfully. It feels quite realistic in this regard, covering everything from a first heartbreak to friend conflict to feeling terrified or uncertain about the future.

Thus, All of it and so much more is present in ‘The Summer of Broken Rules’. This book is the ideal blend of summer romance that is both entertaining and adorable.

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Every Summer After

Book 2: Every Summer After 

Author: Carley Fortune, Category: Coming of Age Fiction, Contemporary Women Fiction, Contemporary Romance

‘Every Summer After’ is a classic summer book that explores a lot of well-loved clichés while being full of longing and lost love.

This stunning debut novel expertly depicts the lovers' development both together and apart by switching back and forth between the past as well as the present, and the sunny ambiance offers a lovely background for their reunion. Every summer of her young life, Persephone spent time with Sam and Charlie Florek at a lake in northern Ontario. Up until Sam enters the picture, these boys are her closest buddies. Everything is delightful up until the point when everything goes wrong. Years later, following a family bereavement, she returns to the lake, where her life undergoes such a drastic shift. This book is flawless in every way. It captures everything well, including the feelings of solitude that comes with relocating to a new region, the quick creation of childhood friends, first love, long-distance relationships, the death of a parent, and even sibling rivalry. You will love Sam and Percy's friendship because it seems so sincere and genuine. It's the ideal summer book, and it will bring back memories of your youth for sure.

Overall, this sweeping, passionate romance, which centers on forgiveness and atonement, is impossible to put down.

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Book Lovers

Book 3: Book Lovers

Author: Emily Henry, Category: Romantic Comedy, Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Women's Fiction

In her latest book, ‘Book Lovers’, Emily Henry follows Nora Stephens, a renowned literary agent in Manhattan. She excels at what she does and has a "take no prisoners" mentality, which has helped her establish a reputation as a shark in the field.

By clearly parodying romance tropes and stereotypes while also playing on them, this book offers an incisive humorous meditation on love, family, and finding your own path. With a feisty heroine who doesn't hold back on her aspirations and sincere discussions of loss, it is a razor-sharp and contemporary novel. The main character, "Nora," is recognized for who she is and what she thinks rather than changing her habits or thinking. She is intriguing, perceptive, amusing, and relatable. Charlie and Nora have really great chemistry. The relationships and friendships in this novel are incredible, and you will admire how Nora and Charlie's lives have shaped them in strikingly similar ways. Emily Henry's most recent book is sentimental, hilarious, and blissful. You will find yourself rooting for Nora and Charlie throughout their life because of all the unexpected turns it takes.

‘Book Lovers’ is the ideal title for this completely swoon-worthy story about two book industry insiders with smoldering passion. From beginning to end, ‘Book Lovers’ is a delight that turns the typical small-town love story premise on its peak. A quick and delightful binge read is this enemies-to-lovers romance.

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People We Meet on Vacation

Book 4: People We Meet on Vacation

Author: Emily Henry, Category: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Women Fiction, Contemporary Romance

This scintillating novel ‘People We Meet on Vacation’ will leave a touch of warm, hazy afterglow that is typically associated with the best vacations.

This book is rife with shared longing, inside humor, and incredible chemistry. You will thoroughly win over Alex and Poppy's chemistry, which sprang off the pages. It is truly swoon-worthy since it seems as though they know and understand each other so well. The narrative shifts between the present and flashbacks of Poppy's annual summer vacations with her best friend Alex beginning twelve years ago. Each flashback pulls you one step closer to the present, solidifying the bond in a sensual, almost excruciatingly slow-burning romance of opposites attract. The two main characters' personalities brilliantly complement one another, and the writing is so exquisite that you can picture them both in your mind's eye. All at once, it's humorous, sweet, heartfelt, and romantic.

The constant alternation between the past and the present throughout the novel ensures that there are never any writing parts that are even mildly uninteresting.

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Beach Read

Book 5: Beach Read

Author: Emily Henry, Category: Romantic Comedy, Contemporary Women Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Two writers—one a romance author who has given up on love and the other a literary author who is stuck in a rut—take on a summer-long challenge that has the potential to alter their perceptions of happily ever afters.

When romance author January meets literary prodigy Augustus, there will undoubtedly be a spark. Two writers in Beach Read's story are experiencing writer's block when they become involved in an odd writing wager. In this book, authors vie with one another to outwrite them in their own field. The conflict is undoubtedly compelling, and both characters are intellectually equals. At one point, they decide to change genres once they have come to an accord. While January chooses to write depressing literary fiction, Augustus opts to create a happily ever after that marks the beginning of their journey toward their insecurities and dashed expectations.

In short, ‘Beach Read’ seemed like a pleasant, enjoyable, and entertaining summertime read.

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The Summer I Turned Pretty

Book 6: The Summer I Turned Pretty (Summer I Turned Pretty, The)

Author: Jenny Han, Category: Teen & Young Adult TV/Movie/Video Game Adaptations, Teen & Young Adult Friendship Fiction, Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Romance

A seaside house, a summer romance, and a steadfast friendship are three irresistible combinations found in this book named ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’.

With a gripping storyline ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ is an emotional tale that will make you cry and smile at the same time. It fills your gut with that cozy, happy childhood memory. In this splendid coming-of-age book, a fifteen-year-old girl named Isabel, also known as Belly, is introduced. The summer has traditionally been Belly's favorite time of year. Summertime is when Belly keeps track of her years. Everything great happens between the months of June and August. Winters are just a time for counting down the days until the following summer; they are a season spent away from the beach house, Susannah, and, most significantly, Jeremiah and Conrad. These guys have been Belly's friends since her first summer; they have been her crushes, her brother figures, and everything in between. But throughout one summer, everything changes and ultimately works out exactly as it should have all along.

Thus, In this midsummer novel, the author skillfully juxtaposes a balance between Belly's innocence and her understanding of the changes over the years.

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It's Not Summer Without You

Book 7: It's Not Summer Without You

Author: Jenny Han, Category: Teen & Young Adult Family Fiction, Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Romance, Teen & Young Adult Fiction on Girls' & Women's Issues

Despite being a doleful book, ‘It's Not Summer Without You’ adds another level of complexity to the plot, making the series even more compelling. To provide a completely different reading experience, the author upends several of the well-known themes from the book ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty.’

Belly eagerly anticipated the summer months so that she could spend them at Cousins Beach with Conrad and Jeremiah but not this year. Not when Susannah relapsed into illness as well as Conrad stopped caring. Belly hopes summer would never come since all that is once right and good has fallen apart. This book does a fantastic job at simulating real life. There are other things to life besides sunshine, rainbows, and endless beach days. The path of life and the various transformations that might occur to a young adult are deftly captured by the author.

Overall, ‘It's Not Summer Without You’ by Jenny Han is an entertaining and enticing book, even though it tackles serious issues.

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We'll Always Have Summer

Book 8: We'll Always Have Summer (The Summer I Turned Pretty)

Author: Jenny Han, Category: Teen & Young Adult Siblings Fiction, Teen & Young Adult Friendship Fiction, Teen & Young Adult Contemporary Romance

Will Belly be able to choose between Jeremiah and Conrad in the end? Read on to find out what transpires in ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’ novel’s endings.

Jenny Han has once again written a heartfelt, mystical tale that appears to have an epilogue but you will be startled to learn that the story hasn't ended yet—instead, it's just the nascent. Isabel, formerly known as Belly, is surprised when her two-year companion Jeremiah makes a marriage proposal. She's finally decided on her course of action after years of deliberation on her relationship with the Fisher brothers. Jeremiah has made her happy. That is until she next meets Conrad. To avert the unavoidable, Belly will have to face the truth about her feelings for Conrad and Jeremiah and accept that she will have to shatter one of their hearts.

Although this story takes several turns, it ultimately has an anticipated conclusion. You will appreciate how Isabel's perspectives are consistently present, despite the fact that each story also presents alternate points of view for other significant characters.

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