Inspirational Life of the Brontë Sisters

The Bront sisters are mostly known for their timeless novels that startled, aroused, and befuddled Victorian readers. Belonging to the nineteenth century, they are among the most beloved writers of all time. They were far ahead of their time and defied the restrictions and challenges imposed on women during this era. They were not deterred by their socioeconomic limitations. They penned down excellent literature that beautifully captures the nuanced essence of human nature and the influence one person can have on others.
Their experiences in the chronological context of the early twentieth show the obstacles that people had to go through in England throughout the Industrial Revolution. The Bront sisters were stereotypical of women of their class and era in that they were skilled, poor, and most certainly destined to be spinsters—but with a variation. They needed to get a job since they lacked stability while their ailing father lived in his rectory under the thumb of a discordant flock. Therefore, the sisters were working as governesses and instructors for aristocratic kids before their writing was published. The Bronte sisters, who had never had a mother since they were so young, took advantage of their busy father's benevolent indifference and applied it to create intricate fictional universes. They read everything they possibly could, spent countless hours on the marshes outside their back door, dreamed up distant empires with complex histories and ideological perplexes, staged plays for only themselves, published magazines only they would read, and sewed poetry and stories into small books, with a script so small that no adult in the house could read them. They had to employ male aliases once they started looking for a publication to get their writings out there. They discovered freedom in their exile from the societal framework to cultivate their distinct perspectives. Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte provide readers a window into the lives of educated, clever women in the Victorian era through their writings and, to some degree, their lives. They make audiences aware of the juxtaposition of both the positive and negative aspects of human behavior. They enlighten viewers about their essence through the perspectives of others by depicting the protagonists' quest for the essential proportion. Over a century after their deaths, all three of them are still prolific authors.

You can get an in-depth glimpse into the lives of the Bront sisters through this book ‘The Bronte Sisters’ who are still inspiring many women all around the world.

The Brontë Sisters

Book 1: The Brontë Sisters: The Brief Lives of Charlotte, Emily, and Anne

Author: Catherine Reef, Category: Children's Literary Biographies, Children's Art Biographies, Children's Women Biographies, Literary Fiction

Starting with the family's migration to Haworth, this memoir narrates the life of the four siblings—brother Bronte's Branwell, three sisters Charlotte, Emily, and Anne—from their early years until their untimely demise. The Brontes' letters, diaries, and fictitious writings, as well as the accounts of the individuals they met, are used to generate succinct portraits of each sister that read much like novels. The depths of the Bront fans’ favorite books, the quantity of poetry, and the extraordinary collection of more than sixty ancient black-and-white photographs are all treasures that the fans will adore for sure.

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Jane Eyre

Book 2: Books written by ‘The Bronte sister’ Jane Eyre 

Author: Charlotte Brontë, Category: Regency Romances, Classic Literature & Fiction, Family Saga Fiction

With a deep understanding of Christian morality at its heart and aspects of social commentary, this book is regarded as decades ahead of its time by many due to the protagonist's unique personality and the way it tackles issues of class, sexuality, religion, and feminism.
In this book, the protagonist overcomes her challenging environment to become a governess, despite her lack of resources and unwavering dedication. She can't be persuaded to veer from the ideal path even by the assurance of support and affection from the person she admires.

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Book 3: Villette

Author: Charlotte Bronte, Category: Teen & Young Adult Classic Literature, Gothic Fiction, Classic Literature & Fiction

‘Villette’ is a perplexing book with an enigmatic protagonist at its core. It is an excellent example of psychic rationalism laced with Victorian romanticism. The storyline of this book is- what happens when love doesn’t reciprocate because it seeks a social position from the person it possesses. It portrays the story of a young, impoverished lady Lucy Snowe who leaves England with a terrible history behind to work as a teacher at a boarding school in Villette, France. There she unwittingly confronts her sentiments of desire and compassion. She forces herself to orient herself to an unfamiliar environment with aloof, snooty, and narrow-minded people. She eventually experiences a complete meltdown, as a result of her melancholy driven by this snobbish, contemptuous academic environment and her incapacitation to express her volatile emotions.

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The Professor

Book 4: The Professor

Author: Charlotte Brontë, Category: Renaissance Literary Criticism, Comedic Dramas & Plays, Classic Literature & Fiction

‘The Professor,’ Charlotte Bront's first effort at a complete work of literature, is only released after her death and is focused primarily on her introspective encounter in Brussels as a tutor. It possesses all the qualities that would subsequently characterize her writing, including flashes of prodigy and a level of aesthetic unrivaled precision.
This novel tells the tale of a teacher who overcomes adversity and reliance by counting on his knowledge, abilities, and brilliance as well as his fortitude, tenacity, and conscience. It covers the Victorian themes of love, jealousy, envy, ambition, dictatorship, and morality.

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Book 5: Shirley

Author: Charlotte Brontë, Category: Classic American Literature, Classic Literature & Fiction, Literary Fiction

A bleak and enigmatic book, ‘Wuthering Heights’ fuses brusque reality with gothic romanticism. It blatantly expresses the protagonists' sentiments.
It covers a wide range of subjects, including addiction, mystical love, resentment, animosity, and desire.
In this novel, the author showed the plight of women who had to repress their inner inclinations, to fit within the culture and traditions of the time. Both the savagery and perversion were inextricably entwined with their soul. Their thoughts were driven by genuine human feelings, making this novel even more vivid.

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Wuthering Heights

Book 6: Wuthering Heights

Author: Emily Brontë, Category: Victorian Historical Romance, Romantic Comedy, Historical Fiction, Gothic Fiction

‘The Boy, the Mole, the Fox, and the Horse’ is a beautiful work of art along with an intriguing and captivating story. It is a voyage for people of all ages that highlights the eternal values of humans. The author’s enthralling novel, which provides inspiration and optimism in tumultuous times, tells the tale of an inquisitive youngster, a cunning mole, a vigilant fox, and a sensible horse who come together in the often challenging territory. The characters express their biggest concerns and the most eye-opening insights of compassion, faith, camaraderie, and love.

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Agnes Grey

Book 7: Agnes Grey

Author: Anne Bronte, Category: Contemporary Literature & Fiction, Classic Literature & Fiction, Literary Fiction

A fictional spiritual memoir-style work called "Agnes Grey" was published in 1847. It was written with candor, satire, and clarity. It presented a stirring depiction of Victorian chauvinism and industrialization based on the author’s own encounters as a governess. She wrote this novel to represent the many governesses in the 19th century who underwent constant harassment due to their line of work. She wanted to draw attention to the numerous challenges, degradations, and forms of discrimination a governess encounters during her work. She desired the general public to be aware of them and to witness life through the eyes of a governess. It was stated that many aristocratic ladies of that era voiced their desire to respect their governesses properly after reading the book.

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The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Book 8: The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

Author: Anne Bronte, Category: Gothic Fiction, Classic Literature & Fiction, Literary Fiction

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1848), a powerful feminist statement, criticizes gender inequality in education, sexual morality, and marriage laws. The book vehemently condemns cultural norms that push people into unsuitable marriages that are not based on mutual dignity and affection. This narrative also examines both perspectives—a man's anguish in the case of infidelity by his wife and the agony of a woman in the case of her husband's violence. It reveals the unscrupulous males who, rather than extending a woman their courage,compassion,and support when she is in need, prefer to reap the benefits of their own egotistical desire and impedes the redemption of the artistically gifted women.

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This article is authored by: Sheuly Ahmed