Email Reminders of Overdue / Due / Reserved Items

Finally, we have added the email reminders for all type of libraries and it is for Free.

Reminders of circulation items is another frequently requested features of Librarika. We understand that it is really important to send email notifications on different events during booking cycle, especially when an item is overdue, the member / patron needs to be reminded. On the other hand, an ability to send a reminder prior due date or when a reservation becomes nearer is also a handy feature.

The important part of this is to control which reminder to send and at what interval. Each library has a different need and lives on different time zone, so we have put this control at librarian's hand. The interface is very minimal and very clear, just choose what reminder you need and at which duration. As a library admin, you can access this from your Manage -> Preferences section, from there click on Notifications / Reminders and choose reminder type and duration.

However this entire reminder works based on UTC, so please keep this in mind when configuring the reminder's duration, please adjust them accordingly.