Put your toddlers on the snooze train with these amazing bedtime stories

Visit Librarika to discover which stories your children enjoy reading before bed. By providing parents with 20 books to add to their libraries, we are helping them understand the importance of bedtime stories. Due to the fast progress of technology, children frequently spend hours on their digital devices before bed. The habit of reading to your kid before bed has many perks, despite its declining popularity. A bedtime tale may serve as the focal point for all these by allowing kids to acquire a wide range of brand-new qualities. Your reading exposes kids to different concepts and circumstances. Your kids will develop communication skills more effectively and explain their surroundings. Reading bedtime books helps to strengthen their listening and language abilities, encourages learning, sparks their imagination, and most significantly exhorts children to put down their gadgets and read. Undoubtedly, reading to your children will amuse them and help them relax before bed. Therefore, You should take this advantage to develop a strong relationship with your child and learn more about their capabilities.

The Napping House

Book 1: The Napping House

Author: Audrey Wood, Category: Children's Bug & Spider Books, Children's Mouse & Rodent Books, Children's Sleep Issues

Smiles and sparkling eyes build into laughter that repeatedly bursts out when "The Napping House," is picked up. It is one of Audrey Wood and Don Wood's older picture books and is unquestionably one of their calming creations. The 1980s saw a massive surge in popularity for "The Napping House," which was the recipient of numerous awards. Audrey Wood describes how the entire family is resting in the house only to awake by a wakeful flea, making her lyrical poetry at its finest. The illustrations by Don Wood are incredibly vibrant and lovely when he depicts the book's opening torrent of rain and the blackening of the sky. It makes the characters feel more like genuine people, which heightens the reality of the story. The comedic quality of Don Wood's images is another plus, especially in the sequences where family members bump into one another, and their eyes fly open in alarm at being awakened by one another. Since it is easy to read and the issue is quite simple to comprehend. This book will undoubtedly win the hearts of many young children.

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Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales

Book 2: Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales - Illustrated by W. Heath Robinson 

Author: Hans Christian Andersen (Author), W. Heath Robinson (Illustrator), Category: Children's Short Story Collections, Folklore & Mythology Studies, Folklore

Hans Christian Andersen's seventeen timeless fairy stories are composed in this excellent book. The first edition of this book was published in 1913.
The tales comprise-
The March King's Daughter,
The Snow Queen,
The Storks,
The Real Princess,
The Little Mermaid,
The Ugly Duckling and more.

What a lovely book to use when recounting children's fairy tales. The visuals are fantastic, and they are on almost every page and complement the story beautifully.

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Bedtime Stories Treasury - A Collection of Stories and Rhymes for Babies and Toddlers

Book 3: Bedtime Stories Treasury - A Collection of Stories and Rhymes for Babies and Toddlers

Author: Parragon (Author), Cottage Door Press (Editor), Category: Children's Folk Tale & Myth Anthologies, Children's Short Story Collections, Children's Sleep Issues

Enjoy this beautifully illustrated treasure trove of bedtime stories for toddlers as you cuddle up with your child and listen to timeless fairy tales, songs, nursery rhymes, and more. This treasury is ideal for reading aloud or too young readers on their own. It includes both classic favorites and some more contemporary stories. Reading is made more delightful by the charming fairytale cover. It takes inspiration from the 1950s. The forty tales, fables, songs, and rhymes in this collection are ideal for reading to children before bed or for quick bedtime songs to sing every night of the week.

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It's OK to be Different

Book 4: It's OK to be Different: A Children's Picture Book About Diversity and Kindness

Author: Sharon Purtill (Author), Sujata Saha (Illustrator), Category: Step Parenting & Blended Families, Children's Books on Physical Disabilities, Teacher & Student Mentoring

The book “It's OK to be Different” has a powerful message that is especially important in today's world of growing connectivity. This kid's book honors children who have the guts to be true to themselves and accept others as they are. It's okay to stand out from the crowd. It teaches young children that people don't have to look alike or enjoy the same things to be kind to one another. It also encourages children to be kind and friendly with those children who are different from themselves. Every child is unique regardless of how tall or big they are or whether they enjoy singing, dancing, swimming, or riding a bike. They might, among other things, have special requirements, be disabled, or be of a different ethnicity or culture. They might speak a distinct language, wear glasses, or need a wheelchair to get about. All kids are unique, and we should appreciate that rather than disapprove of it. And this motivational picture book with bright illustrations succeeds in doing just that.

We can improve the world and encourage early literacy as more kids read this book and understand this idea.

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We All Belong

Book 5: We All Belong: A Children's Book About Diversity, Race and Empathy

Author: Nathalie Goss (Author), Alex Goss (Author), Goss Castle (Author), Category: Children's African History, Children's European Biographies, Children's Around the World

Kids need to learn how to differentiate things so that they don't have an achromatic perspective of the world. Children are given access to their familiar world in Nathalie and Alex's book by creating a splendid school environment and filling it with the love and concern of a multicultural mix of kids. As a result of their close relationship, the children are more likely to show compassion than hatred. Children can develop love and learn to value those around them if they understand the diversity between cultures and ethnicities and appreciate how wonderful everyone is. Through a wide cast of characters, "We all Belong" offers young readers a secure atmosphere where they can see themselves and others. The book includes an assignment at the end to help youngsters learn how we are all unique in several different ways.

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Bedtime Stories: 40 Stories & Rhymes to Share

Book 6: Bedtime Stories: 40 Stories & Rhymes to Share (A Treasury to Read) (Treasury to Share)

Author: Anne Ronney (Author), Cottage Door Press (Author, Editor), Angela Keoghan (Illustrator), Category: Children's Folk Tale & Myth Anthologies, Children's Sleep Issues

For a fun, quick night, this book features eccentric artwork and abbreviated versions of well-known bedtime stories to read. This top-notch book is jam-packed with an exceptional range of narratives. It includes forty stories, fables, songs, and rhymes. The tales are ideal for bedtime reading to young children as well as for older kids to read at any time. The charming vintage layout gives readers a pleasant experience.

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Kindness is my Superpower: A children's Book About Empathy, Kindness and Compassion

Book 7: Kindness is my Superpower: A children's Book About Empathy, Kindness and Compassion (My Superpower Books)

Author: Alicia Ortego, Category: Children's Books on Peer Pressure, Children's Christian Emotions & Feelings Fiction, Children's Christian Relationship Fiction

This lovely book has several insightful teachings that are crucial in today's society. Children will be captivated by the book and learn important life lessons about compassion because of Alicia's engaging piece of writing and straightforward, easily decipherable words. In the book, a little boy named Lucas learns the value of kindness and imparts it to your kid in a variety of contexts, including the home, the classroom, the store, and the playground.The ideal examples provided in this book will help your kid develop greater compassion, embrace uniqueness, and flourish in a multicultural and friendly atmosphere.

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If Animals Kissed Good Night

Book 8: If Animals Kissed Good Night

Author: Ann Whitford Paul (Author), David Walker (Illustrator), Category: Children's Baby Animal Books, Children's Sleep Issues, Children's Parents

In this desired storybook, the animals portray how they would say goodnight to their loved ones.
This one stands out from the flood of cute bedtime stories based on the ability to imagine. What would happen if animals said good night, kissing the way we do? While the Giraffe and his calf extended their necks high, Sloth and her child would move incredibly slowly. After kissing, the wolf would HOWL. And every species in the animal realm would express love differently. After reading this book, your child will know about a wide range of species, animal baby names, animal anatomy, and animal sounds. Thanks to the adorable illustrations that match the narrative, kids may envision how animals would bid their loved ones good night. Even the resemblance between animals and humans will be visible to them.

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I Love You to the Moon and Back

Book 9: I Love You to the Moon and Back

Author: Amelia Hepworth (Author), Tim Warnes (Illustrator), Category: Children's Multigenerational Family Life, Children's Bear Books, Children's Books on Emotions & Feelings

Every moment of the day, demonstrate your unwavering devotion to a kid and let them know how much you adore them! Although the terminology is succinct, it is accurate regarding what someone might share with their child or grandchild. A bear and his cub start their day as the sun comes up. In addition to playing with friends, they play in the water, scale mountains, and gaze at the dazzling display of lights in the night sky. Before going to bed, they embrace and cuddle to demonstrate how much they care for one another. They often play, chase, and touch noses with one another. The front of the book features a "To" and "From" personalization page, making this endearing book the ideal present. It is a nice, soft rhyme that is suitable for sharing with a beloved young child.

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I Love You Like No Otter: A Funny and Sweet Board Book for Babies and Toddlers

Book 10: I Love You Like No Otter: A Funny and Sweet Board Book for Babies and Toddlers 

Author: Rose Rossner (Author), Sydney Hanson (Illustrator), Category: Children's Baby Animal Books, Children's Valentine's Day Books, Children's Parents Books

There is no sweeter or more emotional way to say "I love you" than with an animal wordplay book. “I Love You Like No Otter” blends a heartfelt message of affection with charmingly painted creatures that children will like reading and discussing collectively. This delightful board book is ideal as a gift for baby showers or year-round bedtime read-aloud for anybody you adore dearly.

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All I Want for Christmas Is Ewe

Book 11: All I Want for Christmas Is Ewe: A Sweet and Silly Pun-Filled Christmas Book for Kids (Stocking Stuffer for Toddlers)

Author: Rose Rossner (Author), Gail Yerrill (Illustrator), Category: Puns & Wordplay, Children's Christmas Books, Children's Books on Emotions & Feelings

This wonderful Christmas present for “I Love You Like No Otter” fans is the perfect book gift for youngsters and animal enthusiasts, especially for their tiny fingertips, from the new infant to the three-year-old!
With this uplifting tale for infants and young children, “All I Want for Christmas is Ewe” is a beautiful way to enjoy the holiday and express your love for each other. It combines lovely artwork, endearing animal jokes, and the timeless message of love.

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The Choices I Make

Book 12: The Choices I Make: (Children’s Books About Making Good Choices, Anger, Emotions Management, Kids Ages 3 5, Preschool, Kindergarten) (Self-Regulation Skills Book 14)

Author: Michael Gordon, Category: Children's Christian Learning Concepts Fiction, Children's Christian Early Readers Fiction, Children's Books on Runaways

This book is a fantastic option if you want to impart to your kids the importance of thoughtfully weighing your opinion before making a decision.
Your children get an opportunity to be responsible for their behavior before acting out. Josh, the main character in this book, has to decide how to deal with his emotions by taking deep breaths. Kids have to choose between two significant possibilities every day: making a "good" decision or a "bad" decision. Josh has to focus on his self-control when he is angry. And this shows that he comprehends how to deal with issues. Additionally, there are more recommendations in this book for teaching children to make wiser judgments. The graphics are exceptionally created, and there is a lot to keep the reader interested. The language is particularly excellent for motivating young students.

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How Much Is a Little Girl Worth?

Book 13: How Much Is a Little Girl Worth?

Author: Rachael Denhollander (Author), Morgan Huff (Illustrator), Category: Children's Books on Girls' & Women's Issues, Children's Christian Books, Children's Self-Esteem Books

The poetic discourse that Denhollander offers resonates much beyond its target demographic of young people. Her unambiguous couplets that rhyme highlights the impact of images and the messages that influence how we develop into the people we are. This sweet song conveys to young girls all over the world that they are valuable. However, It is a result of their creation in God's likeness. With this information at their disposal, girls will develop a sense of self-worth and grow into strong women who can handle any challenges life throws at them. Teaching our daughters self-love is the first step towards empowering the next generation. Even if the subject matter is tough for a picture book, it's never too early for a woman to understand her worth.

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How Much Is a Little Boy Worth?

Book 14: How Much Is a Little Boy Worth?

Author: Rachael Denhollander (Author), Jacob Denhollander (Author), Marcin Piwowarski (Illustrator), Category: Children's Books on Boys' & Men's Issues, Children's Christian Books, Children's Self-Esteem Books

Boys of all ages will benefit from the book's clear message. By reminding your young son that he is a reflection of God, you can help him realize his unfathomable value. This value does not come from anything he has accomplished.
Even though it conveys the same overarching message as the book for girls, this book is not simply a reprint of that book with new illustrations. Despite modest differences, the poem nevertheless addresses the same topics.
This book serves as a starting point for parents to encourage their kids' sense of value and to get them ready for future dialogues. It's quite potent how they start with a letter discussing the importance of boys' self-esteem.

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Book 15: YOU ARE WONDERFUL: A Unique Collection of Short Stories for Girls and Boys about Love, Gratitude and Strength

Author: Katherine Lindgreen, Category: Children's Short Story Collections, Children's Action & Adventure Books

This book is splendid for its moral lessons and thought-provoking questions, in addition to the funny anecdotes it contains. Eight amazing stories about different situations and how to handle them are portrayed in the book “You Are Wonderful.” This book will undoubtedly provide a new generation of kids with a leg up when dealing with challenges and give them a competitive advantage.
With each short story you read, you'll discover magical new locations and endearing new characters. Introduce yourself to mythical creatures, talking flowers, and joyful forest nymphs to spark the imaginations of both you and your child. Discovering lovely illustrations will provide plenty of opportunities for creativity and enjoyment. You will transport to a fascinating new setting with each story, where magic is real, and everything is possible.

With this unique and fascinating collection of short stories, we cordially invite you to set on a voyage into a realm of bravery, self-assurance, and love.

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Be Brave Little One

Book 16: Be Brave Little One: An Inspiring Book About Courage For Babies, Baby Showers, Graduation And More

Author: Marianne Richmond, Category: Children's Self-Esteem Books

This book is excellent for anyone with a young child embarking on a new journey. It instills self-confidence and self-assurance in children at an early age.
Richmond's heartwarming rhymes and delicate visuals are the perfect way to support our young readers as they strive to become kind, caring, and brave adults. Try this one out at your next storytime because bravery never goes out of style. For children of all ages—even adults—this is such a sweet tale. Therefore, we all need a bit of extra motivation to become doughty.

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I Am Stronger Than Anger

Book 17: I Am Stronger Than Anger: Picture Book About Anger Management And Dealing With Kids Emotions And Feelings (Preschool Feelings Book, Self-Regulation Skills) (World of Kids Emotions)

Author: Elizabeth Cole, Category: Parenting Hyperactive Children, Children's Books on Runaways, Children's First Aid Books

Are you weary of warning your child not to shriek or kick things when they're furious? So, go through this book because it is the perfect cure to get you back on track! Angry children could express their feelings in unpleasant ways. They might scream, cry, throw things, roll around on the ground, or perform any combination of these actions. Therefore, the parents need aid in controlling their children's emotions and reactions. In a lighthearted manner, this book teaches kids how to recognize and calm their anger down via interactions with zoo animals. It also provides a range of soothing strategies, aims to enhance children's self-regulation abilities, and educates them to own up to their shortcomings and express remorse.
This book is prominent for learning more about how to help kids regulate their emotions and anger. Get this fantastic book right away.

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Making a Difference

Book 18: Making a Difference: An Inspirational Book About Kids Changing the World! (Young Change Makers)

Author: Stacy C. Bauer (Author), Emanuela Ntamack (Illustrator), Category: Children's Engineering Books, Children's United States Biographies, Children's Recycling & Green Living Books

The first book in the brand-new, motivating Young Change Makers series of children's nonfiction books titled “Making a Difference.” It is jam-packed with tales of younger ones, who are improving the world by embracing their hearts and achieving their goals. These motivating tales demonstrate that you can make a difference at any age thanks to this book which has an abundance of lovely drawings, colorful images, and fascinating information.

All around the world, children are making incredible contributions to changing the world, and they want us to realize that you can make a difference too. These tenacious kids are utilizing their skills to create incredible things, whether growing a billion trees, making people happy via music, raising money for sick kids, or creating an inclusive dancing team.
Therefore, Purchase it right away to feel motivated to improve the world.

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My Body Sends a Signal

Book 19: My Body Sends a Signal: Helping Kids Recognize Emotions and Express Feelings

Author: Natalia Maguire (Author), Anastasia Zababashkina (Illustrator), Category: Communicative Disorders in Special Ed., Behavioral Disorders in Special Ed., Crisis Management Counseling

What are some efficacious methods for educating children about their emotions and feelings? Therefore, while instructing others, utilize straightforward language, relatable examples, eye-catching images, and lots of hands-on activities (games, puzzles, coloring pages, etc.). An exceptional instructional resource, this book contains everything you need. The book has a sweet tale that young readers can associate with, attention-grabbing illustrations that draw young readers in, kid-friendly activities to help them simmer down, guidance for adults on additional activities, emotions cards, feelings cards, coloring pages, and related tiny tales to help young readers learn compassion and kindness. With the aid of this book, your children can comprehend how feelings connect to emotions, which are bodily signs. All “Good or bad” emotions can be expressed in various ways and are entirely acceptable. Due to the variety of words it provides for expressing feelings, this book will also help your kids' vocabulary flourish.

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Time for Bed

Book 20: Time for Bed

Author: Mem Fox (Author), Jane Dyer (Illustrator), Category: Physics of Time, Children's Sleep Issues, Children's Animals Books

This adorable bedtime story will lull your child to peaceful sleep every night since it is so appealing. The language is succinct and charming, and the visuals are fantastic. Each image brilliantly portrays a warm sense of safety and compassion while blending with the calmingly repetitious prose. Every two-page split depicts a different Mommy (or Daddy) getting ready for bed with their "little one" in a pleasant atmosphere. It's beautiful to see the artistic depictions of the animal parents soothing their little ones to sleep.

Children will become familiar with the mouse, goose, cat, calf, foal, fish, sheep, bird, bee, snake, pup, and deer as they learn about many animals with this teaching tool.

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