Finding Me: A Memoir by Viola Davis; Women Who Raised Above The Storm

Aug 18, 2022 Book reviews

Finding Me

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The book contains tales I have never heard before, as well as depths of desperation that might have easily broken anyone. Before going through this book, I have the impression that I adore Viola Davis, but it is magnificent in every aspect that it has just served to deepen my admiration. This book is powerful, stunning, and brutally honest—just like its creator. Viola is a great inspiration, and I value her candidness and willingness to tell the whole world about her experiences. It's extremely fascinating to observe the celebs or notable figures behind the personas we give them, and this glimpse behind the curtain surpassed our expectations.

Throughout her book Viola gives us a realistic picture of her life to demonstrate and enable us to comprehend it, taking us from the dire poverty through the severe sexual and physical violence as well as Hollywood. She also discusses her private life, including meeting her husband, adopting her daughter, and discussing health issues.

In this book, she skilfully illustrates how institutions function to put black people at the bottom of the caste system by weaving racism, misogyny, and xenophobia throughout her plot. It also shows how well she manages to infuse each line with emotion. She possesses exceptionally high levels of strength and fortitude to overcome some of the horrors she has gone through. What Viola has stated here is so deep and significant. She has dealt with several awful difficulties and prejudice. She gives us a transparent perspective that comes up with a greater comprehension of how she has risen beyond poverty and secured success as an actor. Her candid testimony reveals how she is bullied and attacked by the boys at her school, how she has ended up shunned, and how our society consistently fails individuals with less privilege.

Viola recounts her life's journey, starting with her early years spent in actual poverty in Central Falls, Rhode Island, to recognizing that acting is what she wants to do, falling in love with the craft, chasing her ambitions, and coming to terms with who she is. She highlights her upbringing and how it affects her subsequent work. She evaluates her connections with many people, including her family, and how they have changed and grown through time.

She grew up in a cramped house where she lived in filthy conditions. She describes the scarcity of food and clothing that encompasses her and how violence and misery have affected her family. In her memoir, she recounts incidents never described in other literary works, such as - how she was sexually assaulted as a young child and dealt with racist bullying from kids at school. When she was in grade school, her teacher told her she would never be anything because she is Black and ridiculed her for having unsanitary living quarters. All of this misery and humiliation caused Davis to develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a youngster, which resulted in many agonizing years of bedwetting.

Her acting skills are born out of trauma which undoubtedly spared her life. Viola attended Rhode Island College after high school before pursuing her acting education at Juilliard. Observing Viola Davis and her sisters' plight at a community event, the instructors helped them by giving the women clothing. This performance sparked Viola with the idea that acting could be the solution to her problems. An instructor believed in her after being accepted into a theatrical program for underprivileged children and never stopped motivating her. Additionally, Viola Davis has the support system she needs to turn her ability into a profession that will revolutionize the world.

Similar to her upbringing, Viola also describes the circumstances that led her to where she is today. Like her past, these experiences are both sad and motivating. Viola battled a lot during her career because she lacked the resources growing up to deal with her trauma. She gives the sombre realities about the movie business, including how few actors and actresses genuinely thrive there. Being a black woman in this field is tough because she was not the seductive and appealing woman that the industry demands.
Moreover, She doesn’t get the leading lady part despite being nominated for two Oscars. She has to turn to television (How to Get Away with Murder) to land the lead part, which, of course, necessitates a black showrunner (Shonda Rimes).

She believes nobody has noticed her because she is too black and ugly. But even those are not effortless. She isn’t giving up yet and trying to escape her past. Despite living in poverty, Viola has experienced a lot of formative years. Throughout her life, people have stood by her side, especially those who believe in her.

By telling her story, she isn't trying to make you feel terrible for her. She is just exposing her innermost thoughts and letting you, the reader, share her reflections on how she comes to be the wonderful lady she is now. She gives us an example of the source of her passion, tenacity, fortitude, and endurance. She holds up a mirror to the world to act as a constant reminder of everything that is achievable. She endures in the midst of everything, and now she shines brightly.

You will be encouraged by her journey to uncover your true self before the world assigns you a tag and to use creativity to brighten your own life. She has crafted this memoir for everyone stumbling through life aimlessly, in need, and wriggling their way through hazy recollections to find some measure of self-love. This book is for anybody who needs to remind that a worthwhile existence can only result from total honesty and the guts to drop pretenses and be who you are.

Therefore, We ought to be a bit more kind, compassionate, and sympathetic when someone is in need since nobody can grasp the insurmountable struggles that each individual is going through in life. I believe it is our responsibility to take her experience with open minds and make it all reverberate with us.

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This article is authored by: Sheuly Ahmed