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Sep 18, 2022 Book reviews

Discover the hot new releases of Amazon Books at present, which are aiming to hit the bestseller lists. Come and deep dive into the world of books.

The Great Reset

Book 1: The Great Reset: And the War for the World Hardcover – August 30, 2022

Author: Alex Jones Category: Communication & Media Studies, World History, Globalization

We are locked in a blended battle of finance, cybersecurity, neurology, and technology. By exposing the globalists’ agenda, the author has done his people a huge favor by laying out the structure and dynamics, as well as the history and procedures of a New Order that we witness every day.

A vigorous totalitarian invasion is currently underway, intending to capture the whole living system and transform it into an electronic manufacturing farm-regulated state. Now we are in the battle for the future of the human race. This book will tell you what the world's aristocracy is preparing for you and the actions you can take to combat it. It follows the corporate elite's rise to power, showing how they have seized control of the world's governments and funded The Great Reset to prepare the groundwork for The New World Order. The self-proclaimed world rulers will explain their blueprint for the final upheaval, or The Great Reset, in their own words. This quasi-capitalist arrangement can only flourish if the world's population is unaware of it. This book also details their heinous scheme and how to avoid it. While many excellent books have been written to warn people of this sinister purpose, few writers have spent as much time and research on “The Great Reset”.

Therefore, you should consider this your sole and exclusive book to study in your lifetime.

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Good Inside

Book 2: Good Inside: A Guide to Becoming the Parent You Want to Be Hardcover – September 13, 2022

Author: Dr. Becky Kennedy Category: Family Conflict Resolution, Humanistic Psychology, Conflict Management

Parents have always been urged to use an unproductive childrearing method. Incentives and time-outs are only two examples of prevalent parenting strategies that focus more on changing behavior than on helping kids grow. These approaches do not consider children's complex emotional needs or assist them in acquiring the life skills they will need.

It is simple to understand why so many parents feel lost, worn out, and concerned that they are failing their kids when we think about the complicated relationships parents have with their upbringings. In “Good Inside,” the author outlines her theories on parenting and makes practical recommendations that can assist parents in transitioning from doubt and blame to assurance and successful management.

This book will satisfy parents seeking a fresh approach to parenting that will enable them to instill in their kids the skills of self-control, self-assurance, and resilience for the rest of their lives. It provides parenting advice that shifts perspectives and offers solutions for problems, including tantrums, fear about being apart from a parent, sibling rivalry, and more.

Thus, “Good Inside” is a practical and helpful guide for raising resilient, emotionally healthy kids. It is also a worthwhile resource for frazzled parents who could use more compassion and less concern.

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You Owe You

Book 3: You Owe You: Ignite Your Power, Your Purpose, and Your Why Hardcover – September 13, 2022

Author: Eric Thomas PhD, Chris Paul (Foreword) Category: Ethnic Studies, Leadership & Motivation, Motivational Management & Leadership

The book “You Owe You” by Eric Thomas should serve as a bugle call for anyone who thinks success is someone else's and that only a few people may achieve their goals. He says, "Take responsibility for your life; don't wait for inspiration to come." He laments that this guidance is much needed during his adolescence, being adrift, homeless, having academic difficulties, and overcoming the challenges as a Black man. He shows you how to change the story of your life. With encouragement, he realizes that, because of his breadth of knowledge and command of the language, he has the rare ability to hold the attention of people of various backgrounds in different contexts. He now counts it a blessing to address an enormous and diverse group of people, including the wealthy and famous, children who are failing in school, and young men in prison who are looking for a fresh start. Thousands of people have already benefited from Thomas's success secrets, but here is his first book that teaches you how to get going right away. Some of these pivotal first steps include gaining a thorough awareness of yourself and the environment, figuring out your purpose, accepting the possibility that you may need to give up something splendid for something even better, and persistently working toward your potential. No matter where you are in your journey to greatness, you owe it to yourself to grow into the complete version of yourself.

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A Court of Silver Flames (A Court of Thorns and Roses, 5)

Book 4: A Court of Silver Flames (A Court of Thorns and Roses, 5) Paperback – September 6, 2022

Author: Sarah J. Maas Category: Action & Adventure Romance, Romantic Fantasy, Fantasy Romance

Nesta Archeron is an arrogant egotist who makes snap judgments but is slow to show mercy. She has also combat to determine her position in the bizarre, terrifying world she has been thrust into since being stipulated into the Cauldron and elevated to the rank of High Fae without her will.

Unfortunately, she’s unable to forget the horrible experience of fighting Hybern and all that results from it. Cassian, the fighting warrior whose position in Rhysand and Feyre's Night Court keeps him in Nesta's company, is the one who irritates her the most. Cassian's fury isn't the only thing that ignites. The fire between them is evident, and it only becomes hotter as they push into cramped corners. Furthermore, the treacherous human queens who arrived on the Peninsula after the past fight have established a deadly new alliance, jeopardizing the fragile peace between the kingdoms. Preventing them may be contingent on Cassian and Nesta addressing their harrowing backstories.

Nesta and Cassian combat monsters from both inside and beyond as they seek recognition, calming with each other's presence amid the backdrop of a civilization ravaged by violence and frightened by instability.

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Maybe Now

Book 5: Maybe Now: A Novel (3) (Maybe Someday) Paperback – September 20, 2022

Author: Colleen Hoover Category: New Adult & College Romance, Contemporary Romance

What matters most to you, in the author's opinion—compassion,fidelity, or friendship?

Finally being able to spend time together without feeling culpable gives Ridge and Sydney a buzz. The two of them are trying to manage their recent emancipation. Warren and Bridgette's marriage continues to be tumultuous, while Maggie is dealing with her malady.

Maggie chooses to live life to the fullest and realize her ambitions after discovering a list of things she has always wanted to do. Ridge is concerned even though she keeps him informed on Maggie's escapades. Despite this, Sydney seems to have a growing aversion to their association. She must, however, accept the reality that Maggie will always be a part of their life in some form if she is to get over this bitterness; else, she might end up leaving the man she adores.

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