What Is The Definition of Beautiful?

Sep 16, 2022 Book reviews

Can someone exactly define the term "beautiful"? Is it meant to be fair-skinned, tall, and a skinny body? Is it meant to have a lot of wealth and lead an opulent life? When we ask people this question, they always say "NO." Your appearance does not define your beauty; it is about your soul. I mean, really! So, why do you prioritize those with fair skin, long stature, and a slim figure? Why do you organize events like Miss City, Miss Country, Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss Teen, and Miss World and derogate other women? Not even this; in our daily life, we categorize people based on their physical appearance and wealth. And this started in the early days of our lives. Have you ever heard someone claim that a baby with dark skin is more lovely than one with fair skin? Have you ever seen a healthy kid playing a princess role in your school programs? Have you ever heard of a short and healthy girl winning a "Miss Something" crown? Just because your girl is black or brown, short or healthy, people in our society ask how can you get a suitable boy for her? And it is an austere issue, especially in third-world countries. These people advertise fairness cream, growth-raising products, and weight loss machines. But at the same time, they protest against these products, which are only available for a short period. And then everything goes back to normal again. Some might try to cover it up by saying that obesity causes many ailments, and we are making these products for them. But I'd like to point out that losing extreme weight can also lead to illness. I am not talking about obesity; it's completely different. I am talking about how being healthy is beautiful, being black or brown-skinned is pretty, and being tiny is appealing. You don't have to feel ashamed of yourself for not looking like those models appearing on TV. Social networking platforms further add fuel to the fire by promoting the value of physical beauty amid younger generations.Nowadays, Facebook provides pages such as 'Most Attractive Youth,' which invite young girls to publish images of themselves online and allow others users to 'like' the pictures. The amount of 'likes' a photo receives decides if the young woman in the shot is unattractive, acceptable, cute, lovely, exquisite, most beautiful, or beyond this planet. A feminist analysis of these pages would question how girls and women are assessed solely as both physical and sexual things, competing for attention from men. We all should bear in our mind that beauty lies within the soul. God has created us all exquisitely. What we need to do is to make our souls beautiful and embrace compassionate feelings to make the world better. I know that my words only affect a few. Some may ignore this writing too. And I will not be shocked because it always happens. We fail to triumph and have no control over the situation. We may post it on our social media platforms and blindly follow and admire beauty pageants. We lack the guts to avoid and oppose these catastrophes. We are plaster saints who say something but do the opposite of it.

In this article, I have included one of the most inspirational books about which many people are unacquainted. I hope it can motivate others to stop disparaging those who believe they are imperfect. They must understand that beauty refers to how impeccable and celestial their spirits are! Now, Can you answer the question, "What Is the Definition of Beautiful?"


Misbehaving: Stories of Protest Against the Miss World Contest and the Beauty Industry Paperback – April 28, 2021

Author: Sue Finch (Editor), Jo Robinson (Editor), Sarah Wilson (Editor), Jenny Fortune (Editor), Jane Grant (Editor) Category: Feminist Theory

“Misbehaving” is a unique novel that should be read from beginning to end. It includes incredible tales from courageous women and the Rebellion at the 1970 Miss World Contest that draw international attention. It depicts the vibrant and youthful women's liberation revolution of the 1970s. It covers why women agitate inside and outside Albert Hall, who they are, what pulls them into the women's liberation movement, why they mobilize, vindications why they are striking, and the detention and prosecutions of women. The incorporation of images, newspaper clippings, posters, and artwork transports us back to 1970 when it all happens. The book strives to communicate the grave narrative of these women's daring deeds with mellowness and brightness of spirit, which is challenging to conduct. It is a must-read for everyone inspired by personal precepts, women's concerns, or political reform. It chronicles the Miss World protests' tale on their terms. It achieves additional goals through the extraordinary variety of social and political incidents and stories. It graphically demonstrates how spellbounding arrays of variables propel the formation of a Women's Liberation movement by documenting the impulses that push them to action.

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This article is authored by: Sheuly Ahmed